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This time, it ends in blood. All the small insults, petty betrayals, maneuvering, and excuses, all of it has led up to this moment. It’s just the two of you, but only one of you will walk away.

From the moment you saw each other, you were fated to meet one last time in a collision of passion, rage, and violence. But how? How did it all come to be? Were you bitter rivals, escalating your rivalry until bloodshed was the only possible ending? Were you once friends, now torn apart by some unforgiven sin? Were you once lovers, with gentle caresses now turning to blows?

But does it really matter anymore? One of you is about to die; the other will spend the rest of his days with this moment burned into his memory.

For a moment, time pauses.

Your eyes narrow.

And the weapons come out.

Showdown is a roleplaying game about two people who are locked in a struggle that can only end with the death of one of them. It’s for two players and should take between 60 and 90 minutes to play. Over the course of play, you and your opponent will be fighting over two things: the outcome of a climactic duel between these two foes and the history that led them to that duel. Win the duel, and you get to choose who lives and who dies. Control the history, and you get to shape why they fought in the first place. How did it come to this? Who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? And who’s standing when the dust settles?

Want to know the answers? Raise your weapons and prepare to face the truth.


You can print your Showdown cards right HERE.

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