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Matt Wilson talks nice about Dirty Secrets

Matt Wilson, designer of Primetime Adventures, says nice things about Dirty Secrets

It’s only been a decade or more….

So, some happy news for me!

Many years ago, I heard the album The City by Vangelis. (For those of you who don’t know, he’s the musician responsible for the soundtracks for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner.) Derf Hopsecger, a friend of mine, owned it and would let me borrow it from time to time. It was a musical rendition of a day in the life of a city, from sunrise to nightfall.

I loved that album.

So I set out to locate it for myself.

I’ve been looking for years. For years. Like, I think that I’ve been looking for the last twelve years. Maybe longer.

Today, I located it on Amazon. No, it wasn’t there before. I’ve looked.

And now, it is mine.


Showdown cover work

Anna Kreider is still hard at work on Showdown art. In this blog post, Anna shows off her work so far on the Showdown cover. I like it!

Zombie Attack

Because all things zombie are cool, I present you with Zombie Attack, a book written by my son Samuel and illustrated by him and his older brother Isaac. (Just to be clear, Isaac is nine years old, and Samuel is almost eight.)

Samuel wrote the text by himself, spelling phonetically, which is really too bad, because English is a dumb language. He and Isaac then created all the images for the book using Microsoft Paint. Then Crystal went through the text with him, showing him the proper spelling of all the different words.

And now it is available for your purchasing pleasure. So, if the idea of buying of buying a book where the protagonist throws “millions of nunchuks” at zombies is appealing to you, click here.

Welfare queens

Heh. I think that Emerge has this one correct:

Welfare queens all over the news.

I feel dirty

See, I’m about to link to a post on a pink, happy blog. Moreover, the post on this pink, happy blog requires a knowledge of Pride and Prejudice to get. My only possible hope of redemption is that this post is also a bit about Facebook.

So, um, here it is:

Austenbook 🙂

I laughed a lot when I saw this.

When a game is bigger than just a game

For the game thinkers out there, check out this story:

Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship

So, two things.

1) Games matter. Elsewhere I wrote, “‘Game’ does not equal ‘frivolous’.” Both coaches understood the larger issues at play in this case, and they both handled themselves well.

2) Did you notice how the coaches maneuvered through the rules? No rules were broken in making this situation come together in the desired method. At the same time, the rules were being subverted for a higher purpose. That’s just…interesting…to me. The grey line in between what is permitted and what is acceptable is fascinating to me.

It won’t make my maps obsolete…

…but it’s a great tool! Check out Peoria CrimeView. I was pretty happy to see this, but I was blown away when I discovered that you can run searches based on neighborhood association borders. That’s tremendous!

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a way to export to Google Earth files, but that’s probably a fairly specialized need. Still, it would be nifty if that were to become a possibility.

It’s so true

In lieu of a real post, I give you this:

Ninja with guitars

Just a little computer humor

Bloggers Anonymous

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