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Samuel’s Goodies

My son Samuel has big ambitions. He dreams up large projects and then shops around for people to help him. It’s a good thing that his mother is as crazy as he is.

And so, the latest result of this insanity: Samuel’s Goodies. Currently, Samuel has one video online about making snickerdoodles. I know that I’m biased and all, but they were really good. So, if you want to see how it’s done, check out Samuel’s Goodies.

Why I love bacon

Bacon was on sale recently at Kroger’s. $.99 a pound! So, we bought a lot of bacon. Yay for us! In fact, for lunch today, I will have bacon and eggs!

On Saturday, I was frying bacon, and Gabrielle asked me why I like bacon so much. It was one of those casual “please dig deeply and consider yourself and your motives” questions that Ben-Ezras tend to pitch around at each other. And, upon some reflection, I figured it out.

Yes, I like the taste of bacon. Always have, as long as I can remember.

However, for most of my life, bacon was a delicacy. We rarely had it in the house, and when we did, we had to divide it between seven people. That really doesn’t go very far. So, in my mind, bacon was an extra special treat that only rich people could actually afford to have on anything resembling a regular basis.

So, when God is good and provides bacon sales, and bacon enters my house, it makes me feel rich. It’s an extra special sign of God’s goodness to me, that He loves me enough to shower me with bacon.

Mmm….bacon shower…..

Now, I must go eat.

Bacon links

From a discussion on Knife Fight about bacon, I discovered the following:

bacon cupcakes
bacon candy
bacon ice cream
bacon baklava

I must now try these.

Of course, these are just more evidence that any food can be made better with bacon.

(Bonus points if you figure out why I think the subject header is funny.)

New restaurant in Renaissance Park

This is just a public service announcement. A new restaurant has opened up in Renaissance Park. The name of the place is Johnson’s Deli. They are open 11 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday, and then 11 a.m to 3 a.m. on Saturdays. (I don’t remember their Sunday hours.) Given that this location had been a quick credit place, I’m already happy with the improvement.

I was walking by tonight, and I had a brief chat with one of the employees. Indeed, he may have been the proprietor, although I’m not sure. His name is C.J., and I’m sure that he would appreciate some business. Personally, although I didn’t buy anything tonight, I fully intend to check out their hot wings in the very near future.

I like the idea of places like this existing in my neighborhood. So, I’m encouraging all of you: try out Johnson’s Deli. Then, come here and leave comments about your experience! I’ll do the same.

Johnson’s Deli
841 Main Street, Suite A
Peoria, IL 61602
Phone (309) 677-0110


So, in the course of pursuing my indie RPG publishing (seriously!), I came across a fellow designer who also works with kombucha. Crystal had made kombucha a while back, and I recalled that it was okay. However, my tastes in food have shuffled around a bit in the interim, and I began to wonder if I might like kombucha.

Then my fellow designer mentioned having made a batch of kombucha with ginger.

I love ginger.

So today, I find myself the happy owner of four SCOBYs. Tea is brewing, even as I type, and, God willing, in a week, I will be the proud owner of a couple of gallons of kombucha. Including one with ginger. Fresh grated ginger, from the Asian market right around the corner….but that’s another post.

Sometime after the SCOBYs showed up today, it occurred to me that these things belonged to me. Not Crystal, the microbe wrangler. Me. I am now the proud owner of several clumps of yeast.

Life is weird.