In which I brag about my wife

It’s Thursday morning, and I’m up really early. I’ve been coordinating the arrival of a CPR instructor at my workplace, and I need to meet him to ensure that he sets up without a hitch. I’m rushing around, trying to get ready, when I discover that all my work shirts are gone. I panic. I don’t have time for this. And, wait a minute, didn’t I check the night before to make sure that I was ready? Did I make a mistake?

I really don’t want to be late.

But already there were little nagging indicators that something was up. Crystal was up early. She made an excuse, but there had been an alarm. And the shower head had been swapped out, and there was a card….

So, when I came rushing downstairs, wearing the least dirty shirt I could locate, in a full-on panic, maybe I should have expected Crystal to be waiting for me with breakfast, smiling and telling me that I wasn’t actually going into work today after all.

That’s how my birthday weekend started.

Over this weekend, Crystal and I played disc golf, played a couple of games, and hung out at our favorite restaurants. Crystal also threw me my planned birthday event, which was a cocktail party with friends, plus cooked a meal for our family birthday party.

Sometime at the cocktail party, she mentioned in passing to someone else that she tends to go overboard for my birthday.

It’s true. But it makes me feel so loved.

So, thank you, Crystal! Thank you for my birthday weekend.

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