Showdown update

So, I probably owe the world a Showdown update. This is pretty short and sweet, but hopefully it’ll whet your interest.

The manuscript is done and has been handed off to layout. Layout has made significant progress, but layout is currently busy with Christmas preparations in a household of eight and therefore isn’t getting anything done this month.

Work will continue in January, and I hope to have good news soon thereafter.

The biggest complication for this project is that we’re going to be working with Drive Thru Cards to create cards for Showdown. this being a new experience for us, it’ll probably take longer than normal. If we were just going to release a PDF and POD book, we’d probably be in good shape for a January release. As it is, we’re probably looking at sometime in the first quarter of 2014–which as everyone knows means by June. (I kid! I kid! I hope!)

Anyways, thank you for your continued patience as we poke along towards a release.

In the interim, check out Epimas, a sale of various independent roleplaying games, including Dirty Secrets!

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