A milestone for Showdown

Tonight, I finished the Showdown manuscript.

To be fair, what I really mean is that I finished the draft of the manuscript that will go off to the editor to be savaged. (I mean this in a really good way, by the way.) There are still cards and tokens to design. The project isn’t completed by a long stretch.

And yet, this is a major milestone. I can put a stake in the ground tonight and say that a chapter has closed.

When I was working on my first game Junk, I came to a point where the goal was simply to finish. It wasn’t about a quality product (which is a good thing, given my current assessment of that game) or about satisfying market demand or anything like that. It was simply about the race against myself, about defeating Resistance for the first time.

I’ve needed Showdown to be done. For the last five years, it’s been an open loop in my mind. It’s been the project taunting me with its incompleteness.

And it’s not done yet. But tonight, I put another nail in its coffin.

That’s right, Showdown. Your ass is mine. By the end of summer, you’ll be done.

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