My Life with Games (part 23)–Minecraft

I’m totally cheating on this entry, but I wrote a guest post for Pete Figtree on why I love Minecraft, and it seemed to fit with this series, so I’m including the link to it here.

Community Voices: Seth Ben-Ezra’s Top Five Reasons He Likes to Play Minecraft



4 responses to “My Life with Games (part 23)–Minecraft

  • jon

    I tried playing this game exactly once, and got so confused and frustrated by it, I quickly gave up. I started on the mobile version, and found I could destroy things with a pick axe or I could destroy things with a block of wood, or I could destroy things with a door… but never figured out how or why to build anything. So, it surprised me that it gained so much popularity. And given your description, it sounds like a completely different game. I’ll have to try the “REAL” version on my computer to see what the big hoo-ah is.

    • Seth Ben-Ezra

      Also, to be fair, it’s helpful to read some tutorial material, like at the Minecraft wiki. The game is surprisingly unfriendly to new players.

      • jon

        Why does that seem to be the trend with sandbox games? I’ve started playing Eve Online half a dozen times and always get frustrated by the overwhelming mechanics. Which stinks because I love the IDEA of sandbox games, but haven’t found a happy medium yet. Maybe if someone created a game that started out somewhat structured, then segued into a bigger sandbox… I like games that train me how to use them while I play and enjoy them. Anyway, I’ll probably give Minecraft another go sometime– just for the sake of figuring it out.

      • Seth Ben-Ezra

        I find that Minecraft does a pretty good job of chunking information. So, to start, you only need to know basic info, like crafting recipes for tools and basic gear. Then, if you get interested, you can look into the other possibilities (e.g. redstone crafting, animal husbandry, enchanting, and the like). I don’t even know the details of those things, which is fine with me. For what I’m doing, I don’t need to know.

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