So, a quick thought about Christmas.

There’s a lot of sentimentality wrapped up in Christmas, and often there’s a reaction in Christian circles to all the glow and warm fuzzies. And, hey, that’s fair, I guess. Sentimentality and warm fuzzies don’t actually sustain the soul when the going gets rough.

Except, I was thinking about it this year, and I noticed something. How would you sum up the sentiments of the season? Here’s a partial list:

*Family and friends
*Peace between people
*Childlike delight

Aren’t these all good things? I wonder if we get so caught up in pushing back against the sentimentality that we miss that, buried in the warm fuzzes, are things that we all actually desire. Weren’t we made to enjoy all these things?And, really, isn’t it fair to celebrate life and love and joy when we remember the birth of our Savior who came to restore us to true life and true love and true joy?

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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