Words are failing me

(So, I’m typing on my iPhone. Apologies for typos.)

I’m sitting in front of the PeoriaNEXT Center, which is about a block from my house. I’m coming from Blue, our neighborhood bar, after spending time with some guys from church. I should be home. It’s getting late, and I’m tired.

But there are these benches in front of the NEXT Center, and I’ve always thought that someone should stage some really cool and artistic event right here, and so I stopped to take a picture, and then I got caught up in the play of light on the building and in the trees, and I snooped in the window of the coffee shop that should be opening soon nearby and I love where I live and somehow I’d forgotten how beautiful all this was. And that doesn’t really convey what I’m feeling and maybe I can’t and really that should be okay, because it feels like maybe finally coming home again to the place I live and finding it patiently waiting for me wondering where I’ve been, and I don’t really want to talk about that and it’s all okay as I sit here caressed by streetlights as I sit by the stream of traffic that rushes by.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much.


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