Huh. It’s 2012.

So, here we are in 2012. Weird. Just eleven days ago it was 2011.

I’ve been making various promises here on my blog, and I don’t really think I’ve kept any of them. Go figure. And I think I’m figuring out why.

Crystal has been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, which surprises no one. Of course, she did the standard thing and did some research. As she did her reading, she comes to the conclusion that I’m probably struggling with adrenal fatigue as well.

I won’t lie; the last couple of years have been pretty rough. So it really shouldn’t surprise me that I am tired and worn out. And that’s really what adrenal fatigue means: you’re long-term tired, long-term worn out, long-term exhausted.

And it’s shown. The things that I’ve often delighted in (like, say, roleplaying games and game design) have lost their savor. Instead of being sources of delight, they have simply become too exhausting to do. There was a stretch that reading anything longer than a blog post was simply too much work. I’ve been irritable, tired, and depressed. It’s true!

Oh yeah, and I haven’t really been blogging here, either. Now you know why.

But I feel like the storm has passed, and times are changing. As a result, I think I know what God is calling me and mine to do during 2012.


So, at the point in the year where everyone is gearing up for new projects, I’m trying to stop doing as much as possible. I’m trying to refuse responsibility, not take on new ones. I didn’t realize until now that I can be a workaholic. It’s not about physical work, necessarily, but mental work. I feel the need to be doing all the time. Now, I get to learn to stop, to step back, to let others do instead.

This is actually kinda hard for me to do. But, through various means, God has made it quite clear that now is the time to rest and stop. No fair trying to sneak in “just one small project”. No. Put it down.

So, for the next six months, I’m eschewing sugar, alcohol, coffee…you know, all the fun stuff. I’m trying to get good sleep. I’m trying to eat well. I’m trying to do fun things that aren’t difficult. Around July I’m going to consider the possible necessity of jumpstarting my creative life, but I’m letting it lie fallow as well. So, boardgaming is good, but publishing another game (right now) is not. On the other hand, the game of One Ring that Ralph is running is due to start this Friday. I’m really looking forward to it, in part because I won’t be running. Again, fun things that aren’t difficult. God willing, I’ll GM again. But right now, it’s time to let another.

And I’m going to work on spending time with friends.

There will be time again in the future to pick up projects and do assail high mountains (metaphorically) and the like, but for now, it’s time to stop.

So, please bear with me as I do.


2 responses to “Huh. It’s 2012.

  • charles

    Love it. Not the fatigue part, obviously – but the rest part. Rest is good. There’s a season to fight, and a season to return home, sit by the hearth and stare into the flames.

    Praying that you find rest…

  • Leonard Lambert

    Getting 8 hours of sleep a night is essential to healthy brain functioning. You actually accumulate a deficit if you sleep less. More than any of the other things you mentioned, diet, exercise, etc., getting enough sleep is at the top of the list for maintaining health.

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