Gerald Cameron is looking for editorial work

Gerald Cameron is looking for editorial work:

I’m looking for (paying) editing work.

For now, I’m only looking for one project and then, depending on how other current work goes and how large the project I pick up ends up being, I may look for more work in a few weeks.

I do developmental/content editing and copyediting and I’m interested in projects where I do either or both.

Currently I have two editing credits, both on roleplaying game products: Dirty Secrets by Dark Omen Games and Worldbreakers: Etherkai by Omnivangelist Media. I am also in the process of editing future Omnivangelist Media products, including future Worldbreakers products. As you can see, my expertise is primarily RPGs, but I’m not limiting myself to them.

As a developmental editor, my philosophy leans strongly towards a belief in quality work with a strong bias towards useability/user-centred focus. To that end, I give a lot of attention to organization, clarity and making the implicit explicit. Also, examples are a good thing.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me via e-mail or private message. Anyone making a proposal in comments will automatically be rejected, even if it means I do not pick up any work. I’ll be choosing a project based on personal interest and ability to fit it into my schedule (and the ability to negotiate a fair rate for my work).

Thanks for your interest.

In addition to the games mentioned, Gerald edited A Flower for Mara but wasn’t credited due to an oversight on my part. Bad Seth! No biscuit!

As I said on the Google+ post, Gerald has been professional and prompt, even under the ridiculous deadlines that I’ve asked of him. I plan on working with Gerald again when I’m ready to get Showdown up and running, and I recommend him to anyone seeking a quality editor. You can contact him at


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