Another “Happy Birthday, Robot!” story

The nice thing about playing “Happy Birthday, Robot!” is that the actual play posts write themselves.

We played “Happy Birthday, Robot!” at Go Play Peoria today. The group consisted of Brian, Arianna, Toby, Elsie, and myself. Of particular note, only Brian and I have reached our majority. The others are between 10 and 12.

Toby laid his hands on the story early, and the rest of us ended up working with it, despite our initial valiant efforts to oppose the darkness. So, this is a little…uh…darker than our previous run.

I have to say, I still enjoyed playing this game. This one looks to get more play around these parts.

Happy Birthday, Robot!

Happy birthday, Robot!
Robot and his dog hate cake and fun but love laser guns.
Robot shot his factor worker and the factory worker got a band-aid and cake.
Robot was not very sorry at all but his dog was.
The dog, whose name was Dave, told Robot off; Robot ran away and cried.
Robot thought about his life and he remembered the story of Pinocchio.
Robot felt horrible and he decided to become a terrorist.
Robot decided to kill the evil president of the robot factory of Mars.
Meanwhile, Dave was following his friend Robot with a big bazooka to help Robot.
But then robot ninjas got in the way and opened fire, but Dave just laughed.
Robot said, “Dave, what is going on!?” and the robot ninjas fell down.
Robot gaped and Dave said, “Do you want to know what happened?”; Robot did.
The Evil President jumped out and shot Robot, but Dave jumped in a dumpster to hide.
The Evil President gloated while Robot was bleeding oil from his gaping wound, and Dave used his bazooka to open fire.
The Evil President was killed; rejoicing spread throughout the factor, and Robot blacked out forever…or so they thought.
Robot retreated into his mind while Dave performed surgery which worked.
When Robot woke up, he looked at his hand and it was a human hand.
Dave said to Robot, “We had to use spare parts when we fixed you.”
“Am I a real person?” said Robot.
Dave said, “We made you a cyborg, Robot.”
“Happy birthday, Robot!” said Dave.


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