So, what’s up with Showdown?

Tim Koppang (of TCK Roleplaying) asked me for an update on Showdown. I figured that there were probably others who were wondering, and I have a languishing blog…. So, here we are.

Right now, the primary thing preventing me from releasing Showdown is time. Right now, other parts of my life have been demanding more and more of my attention. This isn’t really a bad thing, but it does mean that Dark Omen Games hasn’t really been getting my attention. But I really don’t want Showdown to languish in the state of “almost finished”.

This means that I need to start making a plan to ship Showdown.

Therefore, I have just a couple of tweaks that I want to make to the design, and then I’ll declare it to be complete. (I had another idea for Stances that I’m filing away for an expansion, if I ever feel like doing something like that.) I’m thinking that one or two more playtests would be sufficient to make this happen.

After that, I need to write the thing. I also want to play around with some component design. There are aspects of the game that might be served by having a few custom cards and the like. Right now, I’m considering releasing the game as a PDF and POD book, which would include print-and-play cards, and then selling POD cards as an optional add-on through The Game Crafter. I suppose this step could even come separately, if I wanted.

It’s almost there, really. I just need to push it across the finish line. So, now, I guess I should go off and plan out how I can do that.

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