On fatigue and resting

There haven’t been many blog posts around these parts recently. There hasn’t been much game design either. Actually, very little creative has been going on in my life recently.

Right now, I’m feeling tired. Some of this is doubtless the result of having come through our experience of the fire. Some of it is probably because it’s winter.

I’ve decided that’s okay.

Rather than trying to fight my fatigue, I’ve decided to take this time to rest. So, I’m not making lots of additional commitments. I’m not writing blog posts furiously or scribbling game design notes or anything else. I’m just…resting. Taking time to play with my children. Relaxing in the evening and doing nothing of consequence. This won’t last forever. But for now, it feels necessary. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

So, please be patient. You will see more content here again. You’ll probably see more games from me, too. Just not yet.


2 responses to “On fatigue and resting

  • Gerald Cameron

    Given my sporadic blogging record, I’m certainly not going to begrudge you a break 🙂

    Feel better soon, Seth.

  • Adiel

    I’ve been discovering the importance of resting, too. I have to fight against the feeling that I’m a failure because I’m not running around frantic like other people I see, but I know that a rested and not overstressed wife and mommy is the best thing I can be for my family. I hope you are able to rest well now and be refreshed.

    Also, doesn’t the Sabbath day just get better and better as we get older? A whole day to rest and spend extra time with God? Who wouldn’t want to obey that commandment? 🙂

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