The latest on the house

As I write, I’m sitting at my dining room table. Yep, the one that’s in my house. We’ve been back for about 24 hours. Last night, I slept in my own bed. We’re still unpacking, and there are still issues to be addressed, but we are home!

God has been good to us.

One of the ways that He has blessed us is with the people of Providence Church. Over the last month, we have been overwhelmed by the love and assistance they have provided us. I’d write everything down, but there’s just so much that it would take too long, and then I’d still be afraid that I’d forget something. Some helped us understand how to work with the insurance company. Others offered expert advice on the electrical work that had to be done. Still others opened their homes to us so that we could have some time away from the cramped quarters of the hotel. And, of course, when it was time, people showed up to help us move back in.

And then there was the financial assistance. Some of the electrical work that the city inspector required was not covered by the insurance company. So, the deacons of Providence Church organized a special collection, and the people of our church raised enough money to pay for all the additional electrical work. And, I was informed, if we had further unexpected expenses, there was more available. Several times Deacon Sanford urged me to keep him informed of our needs so that the deacons could coordinate the church’s assistance.

This continues to be a difficult and emotional time. But, through it, God has brought good. Because, through it, He has shown us how much our church loves us.


One response to “The latest on the house

  • Grand ma Kathey

    I have much to say but I often use the wrong words. I am grateful for you and your family. I hurt when you hurt. My heart longed for your family when you went to the motel. You do not live in a house, you live in a Godly home filled with love. You a geograghically close to me but I do not feel worthy of your company or Lansberry’s. I need to spend a lot of time praying about what is wrong with me. Please give me time. I really do love you all. I just am not use to being on the receiving end. Just mostly from children. Please forgive me. I am so happy you are happy to be home.

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