Another house update

Since there are many of you who are interested in what’s going on with my house, I figured I’d blog the latest details. This way I can disperse the news as far as possible with minimal work on my part. Or, so goes the theory.

Let me begin by apologizing for this update being late. Originally, I had planned on writing an update on Monday. However, what with this and that and the other thing, it has slid until today. And that’s pretty much been the story of our life recently: details spinning around our heads while things just go more slowly than expected. It’s weird, really. Just yesterday I was feeling like there wasn’t nearly as much progress as I wanted while feeling overwhelmed at the pace that information was coming at me.

So, anyways, details. Last week, the city inspector approved turning the power back on to the house after the electrician isolated and disconnected the bad circuit. This has resulted in nearly half the house still being without power. As this includes the upstairs furnace, the HVAC people can’t even do their work yet. Sigh. In addition, the city inspector had a list of other code updates that he was going to insist on. His plan was to come back early this week and show us what he wanted.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the city inspector is apparently really busy and seems to have a decent working relationship with our electrician. So, he changed his mind and simply told our electrician what code updates he wants. So, yesterday, we went through the house with the electrician, who gathered information to get an estimate. That won’t be ready for another day or so, but it’s in process.

In fact, we’re going to get two estimates. The one is for the code updates and the other is for the remaining wiring and such to get the power fully restored in the house. The insurance won’t cover code updates, but they will cover electrical work that is the result of fire damage. So, more good news is that it appears that a lot of the electrical work is actually covered. We won’t know until we submit our estimate to the adjuster, but Crystal simply presented the news of an estimate to him as a fait accompli, and he apparently responded like he was expecting this news. So, it seems that he was trying to avoid having to pay for any wiring, but hopefully he won’t challenge this expense. There’s something to pray about.

In addition, we have a decision facing us. There have been a number of men from the church who have offered to help do work on the house, once we know what the repairs are going to be. We figure that the forthcoming electrical estimate would be a reasonable guide to this. However, if the insurance company will cover that work, I’m wondering if it would be best to let the electrician do it. My big concern is that the inspector seems fairly comfortable with our electrician. If this is the case, why rock the boat by pulling our own work permit? The biggest problem with this approach is that the electrician is currently saying that they couldn’t start work until the week of December 28. So, yeah, that’s another couple weeks in the hotel, which all parties involved would rather avoid. Something else to pray about.

On the flip side, a major advantage to having the electrician do the work is that it reduces stress on my family. Everyone is feeling the fact that we’re displaced, and the stress shows in various ways. Being able to concentrate on taking care of my family without having to run back and forth from the house would be quite welcome.

So, there you have it. As I know more, I’ll keep you posted. Well, within a couple of days, at least.


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