An update on our house and the like

A few days ago, I got an email from Josh Roby, asking (among other things) how things were going with the house. Seems like a eminently reasonable question, which is why I promptly didn’t get back to him. Sorry, Josh! So, here’s that update that you (and others) have asked about.

There is power back in our house. That is good. This means that we are able to run the downstairs furnace and keep the temperature above freezing. That’s good.

The city inspector isn’t finished with the house, though. He says that there’s a long list of items that he will want to be addressed before he is willing to declare the building livable. He will go through the house with us and tell us what he wants to be done. This will happen “early next week”. Pretty much, I’ll get a phone call saying, “Now is the time”, and I’ll need to drop what I’m doing and run off to meet the inspector.

After that, we’ll have a better idea of how long we’re still going to be out of the house.

In addition, we still need someone to replace the plenum on the upstairs furnace and generally check it over. Then, once all the work is done, the cleaners will come in and…well…clean. They’ll run special air filters and the like to pull any remaining smoke smell out of the air. Then, hopefully, we’ll be able to move back in.

So, that’s the news.

Also, this: a prayer written by my sister.


I’ll try to write more later as I have time and energy.


3 responses to “An update on our house and the like

  • Josh Roby

    Thanks for the update, Seth, and best of luck with all the details (and no doubt expenses) that you’ll need to wrangle. Do you guys expect to be back in by Christmas?

  • Seth Ben-Ezra


    At this point, I’m thinking it’s unlikely. I would be happy to be proven wrong! However, it’s best if we plan to be in the hotel.

    Though, that being said, “in the hotel” is something of a misnomer. We will still have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (though we’ll be at Lansberrys), and we will still spend Christmas with Lansberrys, as we normally do. So, while we may not be at home, we won’t lose as much of the holiday tradition as it might feel.

    Also, when we’re back in the house, there will doubtless be “Yay, we’re back home!” celebrations, too.

  • Josh Roby

    So Christmas traditions will go undisrupted. Good to hear!

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