Some thoughts from the fire (Part 1)

Since I have a moment to write, I figured I’d start getting down some thoughts and reactions from the fire. To save me the trouble, I’ll just link over to my sister’s account of what happened on Sunday.

These will be essentially random thoughts as I have opportunity to write them, so please don’t expect much coherence. But, as I’ve lived over the last couple of days, various things have lodged in my head and I’ve thought, “I have to blog about that!” So, there’s that.

On Traveling Light

After I had shut off the breakers and called 911, I grabbed my bag and headed out the front door. Crystal and Gabrielle had already gotten the children clear, and Crystal was busy tossing winter coats out the front door. Then Crystal called out, “What’s important? What do we need?”

I stood on the porch and thought about it for a moment. The family was safely evacuated, and I knew that my Bible was in my bag. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything that had to be out of the house. In that moment, I felt ready to simply walk away from everything behind me, if that were necessary. Everything important was already out.

Now, that didn’t turn out to be necessary. There was smoke but no flames, and we were able to rescue various other things from the house, including Gabrielle’s all-important PASTE magazine. (Read her post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The human mind can be really funny under stress.) And, as I know from past experience, I would have struggled later.

But there was a surprising peace in that moment, and that’s something I’ll be able to remember for the future. When the pressure is on, God is able to take care of me.


2 responses to “Some thoughts from the fire (Part 1)

  • Adiel

    So true. I’m glad God gives us those little moments where He shows us deep truths in under 10 seconds. I pray that peace stays with you during this stressful time. And by stressful I mean dealing insurance issues- since you’ve had such great experiences with that sort of thing in the past. 😛

  • Eric J. Boyd

    That’s quite a story. I’m glad everyone is safe. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers, Seth.

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