Writing about writer’s block

I haven’t been writing much recently. Why is this? Dunno. At least part of it is that I’ve let myself get out of practice. So, I’m going to ramble a bit here on the blog, mostly so that I write and don’t stop.

Why do this? I’ve seen writers talking about dealing with writer’s block. They say to write about the writer’s block, because it’s the topic in front of you. In this way, you can work past your writer’s block.

So, what’s been going on that has been interfering with my writing? Well, having a little one around the house absorbs a lot of energy, to be sure. I’m not sure if it’s fair to place all this on her, though.

Twitter hasn’t helped either. I used to make little blog posts here about small ideas. Now, I use Twitter (and, by extension, Facebook) for those sorts of things. But that’s not all of it, either.

At least some of it is simply a season of life. Work has been busy. I was just promoted (yay me!), and our ongoing lobbying efforts to be able to continue to function under the health care reform legislation has absorbed a lot of my time. I also feel like I’m starting to focus more on local ministry opportunities. On top of all this, my children are getting older, which requires a different kind of care and attention. With all this going on, there simply hasn’t felt like a lot of time left over to write. And, when there is time, I would usually rather spend that time with family and friends than enclosing myself in solitude in order to write.

But I don’t want to lose the knack, which is why I’m writing now. And, perhaps I’ll be able to work my way into a more productive zone, and then I’ll write more often. Maybe I’ll even get the final manuscript for Showdown in place! Wouldn’t that be something?


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