This week on Twitter

  • For not sleeping well two nights running, I'm actually feeling fairly good. Thank you, God! #
  • RT @rdonoghue: Interesting thesis: America is getting less nomadic, and new localism is emerging. #
  • I might have had the small breakthrough over lunch that will make Major Crimes gameplay sing. Oddly enough, it ends up looking like PTA. #
  • Collision jumped from "That's interesting" to "This I want to see!" Theological debate made dramatic. #
  • At Good Tequila's. #
  • Just preordered Collision. Went from "Who cares?" to purchase on the strength of the presentation. Kudos to @TheDoane on the craftsmanship. #
  • Baby grinder top located. This is good. #
  • Baby *food* grinder top found. Baby grinder top lost again. #
  • I'm in the market for a couple good commentaries of John. Any recommendations? #
  • Playtesting my math game. It's actually kinda fun! #
  • Had a good family tactical meeting with Crystal. Now it's time to wind down. #
  • I slept! Thank you, Jesus! #
  • Dominion: Seaside is now mine. Yes, precious. Mine…. #
  • "No no. That was the old me. Now I have short hair."–@Raqpunzel #
  • I slept through the night! Thank you, Jesus! #
  • Into the wet. It's a beautiful autumn day. Makes me want to go camping. #
  • Played Dominion over lunch. Five Seaside cards, three Intrigue cards, the Envoy, and the Black Market. Brutal…. #
  • TIme to go home! #
  • Crystal and I are going on a PretendDate! #pretenddate #
  • We're buying egg rolls from an underground restaurant in Chinatown. #pretenddate #
  • We're eating our egg rolls under the watchful eye of The Man. #pretenddate #
  • Crystal and I were chased by the undead near Westlake Plaza! We barely escaped with our lives! Must drive faster! #pretenddate #
  • We took a wrong turn and ended up in a rough neighborhood. Glad that the middle-class whites didn't jump us. #pretenddate #
  • Crysal bought a Vicks Vapo-rub Blizzard garnished with Hall's cherry cough drops. She's had a cold recently. #pretenddate #
  • And now we're home from another PretendDate. Thanks for tuning in! #pretenddate #
  • For all who are wondering, I'll blog about PretendDates later. #
  • Now: heading home. Later: setup for Go Play Peoria. #goplaypeoria #
  • Setting up for Go Play Peoria! Come on 10/24 from 9 am to 9 pm 2400 W. Altorfer Drive. Get your game on! #goplaypeoria #
  • Two games of Dominion (Seaside set). Fun stuff! #goplaypeoria #
  • Getting ready to start Go Play Peoria! #goplaypeoria #
  • Got a game of Saboteur and a game of Dominion under my belt. Now, to run 44. #goplaypeoria #
  • Finished 44. Very fun! Now, some Cartagena and then figuring out what's next. #goplaypeoria #

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