We started The Wire

Last night, Hope wasn’t settling. So Crystal and I fired up Season 1 of The Wire. I hadn’t realized exactly how much I was looking forward to watching this show again.

So, once again, through the dirty streets of a broken city. And this time, I’m taking notes for Major Crimes.

6 responses to “We started The Wire

  • Graham

    When you walk through the garden!

    You’d better watch your back!

    Well I beg your pardon!

    Walk the straight and narrow track!

    Those are the lyrics for Season 5. The punctuation changes between seasons.


  • Seth Ben-Ezra

    Yeah, I think the Season 5 version of the theme music was my least favorite.

    But I loved that choice of theme music. Made the show feel less about “busting the bad guys!” and more…um…reflective, maybe?

  • Barb

    I always thought that if there was ever a Season 6, the theme should be healthcare.

  • Seth Ben-Ezra


    That…that would be a *great* idea.

    Hmm. You just might have given me a test scenario for Major Crimes.

  • jessecoombs

    I started it again about a month ago with my girlfriend, she hadn’t seen it. Now it’s one of our favorite things to do. Midway through season 4!

    I have this In a Wicked Age hack for The Wire that bounces around in my head from time to time. “It’s All in The Game” is the title.

    You’d pick issues such as immigration, healthcare, etc
    You’d pick new settings such as the hospital, the hispanic neighborhood

    Let me know if you want my notes, as I’m mostly talk. Just ask Ryan Macklin.

  • Seth Ben-Ezra


    I’d love to scavenge from your notes, if you’re willing to let me. I’m still working on rules to set up the situation, so seeing other people’s idea on that would be wonderful.

    I’ll drop you an email.

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