The Appliance Recycler

Last summer, we bought a used refrigerator from Appliance Recycler at 4024 SW Adams St. They were willing to haggle, eventually throwing in a small dorm-sized refrigerator as well.

The refrigerator wouldn’t work. It was under warranty with Appliance Recycler, so they sent people out to try to repair it. They were friendly and knowledgeable…but they were unable to fix the fridge. So, we went back to the store, and they let us pick out a replacement refrigerator for free. The replacement ended up being about $100 more than we had originally paid, but they gave it to us to honor their warranty. It was a positive experience, and I’d gladly do business with them again.

Why am I bringing this up?

Last week, Appliance Recycler was robbed. According to the news reports, someone pried open their back door and stole about $20,000 in merchandise. That’s a sizeable hit for a small business to take.

So, if you’re in the market for a used appliance, consider checking out Appliance Recycler. I’m sure they could use the business.

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