A Shameless Shill for Mr. J. Medeiros and Some Thoughts on Indie Marketing

It’s no secret that I like Mr. J. Medeiros. I was first exposed to his “Constance” single a couple years ago, and I’ve been listening ever since.

So, when I heard that it was possible to get a download of “Holding On”, I was thrilled. And when I read the details, I was impressed. Medeiros will give away a copy of the “Holding On” mp3 plus a bonus track in exchange for a link to the video from a blog or social networking site.

See, as an independent artist myself, I understand the difficulty of getting solid marketing exposure. And sure, everyone talks about creating a grassroots buzz, but that’s so very hard to do. There’s a lot of clutter out there, and it’s hard to cut through it.

But this idea is fascinating. You leverage your existing fans by offering them a free sneak preview of something they were already going to buy. I mean, the kind of person who is going to post up a link to the new Medeiros video is probably already going to buy the new album. You know, like me. As it is, I’ve played the video a number of times, just because it’s such a pretty song. Sure, I was already planning on buying this album. But that means that I’m also the kind of person who would be eager to get my hands on some of the new material early. And, really, what does it cost? Just a link from my blog.

I think that the indie game design movement needs to give some consideration to how to employ similar methods.

So, yeah, this post is a shameless shill for Mr. J. Medeiros. If you’re looking for quality, clean, socially conscious hip-hop, then you really should check him out. And, as mentioned earlier, here is the link to “Holding On”, his newest single.


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