Showdown actual play posts

A couple weeks ago, Gabrielle and Raquel played Showdown, my current game-in-development. They were so taken with the story they created that Gabrielle actually wrote it up and posted it on her blog. It’s in several parts, which you can find here:

Showdown Intro
Showdown Part 1
Showdown Part 2
Showdown Part 3
Showdown Part 4
Showdown Part 5
Showdown Part 6
Showdown Part 7
Showdown Part 8

The story doesn’t show the actual game mechanics in use, but it does give a sense of the kind of story that the game produces.

I still need beta testers. If you’re interested, leave a comment!

8 responses to “Showdown actual play posts

  • jon

    i’d be interested.. but i don’t really know anyone here interested in that kinda thing. It would have to be a long-distance story-writing type thing. i really like how that one came out.

    so… which one was Gabrielle and which one was Raquel?

  • watergoesred

    I’m totally interested. And I’m spoilt to have a load of people to play with.

    O, check out and Episode 16. We talk about our awesome experience playing Dirty Secrets.


  • Matt

    I’d definitely be interested in checking this one out. =)

  • Noah Trammell

    My brother and I would be very interested in playtesting this game. We’re always looking for RPG’s we can play without a lot of people, so one of these “twosies” would be perfect.

  • Jules Van Oosterom

    I’d love to try this out, and I know a bunch of people who would as well.

  • Seth Ben-Ezra


    Cool! I’ve sent you an email with the beta.


    I’m looking to begin writing the final text in the next couple of weeks. So, if you’re wanting to offer playtest feedback, I’ll need it pretty quickly.


  • nanenj

    If you’re still sending out beta’s of this, I’d love to get ahold of it and give it a try with my group 🙂

  • mx

    I guess playtesting is over by now, but I can’t help applying anyway. I love everything I’ve read about it soooo much! And I’m a thoroughful playtester by the way.

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