It’s a poem! No, it’s a game!

It’s “Today I Die”!

Check this one out. It’ll take ten minutes, and it will satisfy your emo gaming needs.

You know, if you have some.


3 responses to “It’s a poem! No, it’s a game!

  • brian

    i love that thing. i was babbling about it on facebook a little when i first found it, but i don’t think anyone listened. emily short doesn’t think it’s that great, and while i normally agree with her, this time i don’t. i like it a lot. also, if you didn’t know, there are two endings.

  • brian

    oh, also, if you haven’t before, check out “I Wish I Were the Moon” by the same guy. heck, check out all his stuff. those are my favorites of his work, though.

  • Jeff Tidball

    I wasn’t half as impressed with this one as I was by Passage, because its interaction results don’t teach you its mechanical options well enough. You know, in my opinion.

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