Baby Level Blue

When Justice was born, I liveblogged the event, partly because it would be fun and partly so that people could know what was going on without having to make periodic telephone calls or email updates. I’m planning on doing the same this time around, except I’ll be using Twitter. Like last time, I will be using the Homeland Security terror alert scale to track how close we were to the baby being born. For those curious, the scale is Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red. Of course, I prefer to think of it as Oscar, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, and Elmo. Consider all this to be a testament to both my political leanings and my occasionally perverse sense of humor.

So, now that you know the joke, you can watch my Twitter feed (which can be found at the upper-left hand corner of my blog) to see how the baby is coming along. Isn’t that great!

Also, Baby Level Blue.


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