A fascinating insight

NPR interviewed Richard Price about his novel Lush Life, and he made an interesting comment, which is recorded here:

“There’s about six different subcultures down there,” Price told the Bryant Park Project in an April interview. “It’s chaos. And I couldn’t figure out how to write about this place without is sounding like a travelogue. And then I realized, which is something I’ve done before, is when you have a very Byzantine landscape, a crime, if you follow the progression of an investigation, it’s sort of a lazy man’s way to a plot.”

Later, Price explains that he is using a crime story to provide both structure and excuse to explore a particular place. That’s part of why I play Dirty Secrets and what I find interesting about it. Now I need to remember this for Major Crimes. And, for that matter, to perhaps inform future writing? Shrug. We’ll see.

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