Playing with titles

Despite my last post, I have been thinking about games and whatnot. I think I’ve decided that Dirty Cities needs to be the name of my crime campaign system. So, what do I call “the game that will let me play The Wire“?

It appears that this game will be at the intersection of The Wire, The Shield, and The Dark Knight. (Aside: yes, I’m serious about this last one. No supers, but similar thematic territory.) I’ve been over some of this in a previous post.

Today, I’m watching The Dark Knight, and it hits me. The Shield has its “Strike Force” and the other two have a “Major Crimes Unit”. So, now, I’m rolling around Major Crimes as a title. It works on a couple of levels. First, obviously, it refers to a Major Crimes Unit, which would be at the center of the game. Second, it refers to the idea that the characters in the game will be, you know, committing major crimes.

I’m going to let it sit for a while and see how I feel about it in a bit. But, I’m pitching it out there for feedback from all of you. What do you think?


5 responses to “Playing with titles

  • Christoph

    Hi Seth!

    Major crimes sounds a bit cheap to me, and there are major crimes that won’t ever appear in the game I guess (all the crimes against humanity for example). How about Organized Crime? It really seems to be about that on one side at least.

  • James Lansberry

    maybe I’ll regret this, but could you define “crime against humanity?” or list an example?

  • Christoph

    I hope you won’t! I was thinking about war crimes and genocide:

    Especially, they are not sporadic things, but government enforced, or rather “systematic practice”. Whereas ex-Dirty Cities seemed to me to be about organized criminal organisation battling it out with specific anti-crime units. Mafia vs. cops, stuff like that.

    Does that sound fair?

  • John D

    You could swipe one from Joseph Conrad.

  • jon

    I like the vagueness of something like “good guys, bad guys”… a kind of tongue-in-cheek jab at both side of the coin.

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