I’m interviewed on the Independent Insurgency

Recorded at GenCon, but now available for your listening pleasure, Rob Bohl and I talk about Dirty Secrets.

For a little bit of context, Rob Bohl is actually a convert to this game. He raised some difficult questions about Dirty Secrets in a forum post on Story Games, specifically having to do with the treatment of race in the game. Then, a crazy thing happened: a productive conversation broke out. By the end of it, Rob’s concerns were addressed and all was well. (Plus, I got another plug for The Wire, which resulted in my watching it, which has resulted in my wanting to design another crime game. So, I guess it’s all Rob’s fault.)

I was really glad to have the opportunity to be interviewed on Rob’s podcast. I enjoy listening to his long-form interview style about other games, so I was looking forward to having the opportunity to wax eloquent about my game. Hopefully you will find it as interesting as I do.

You will, right?


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