Soon, a playtest version of Showdown

My next project is getting together a beta release of Showdown. Um, after the Go Play Peoria fall minicon tomorrow. Hmm, I should probably make sure that I have stuff for Showdown at GPP.

Anyways, Showdown is my two-player RPG of socially violent personal combat. You will play a character in a duel to the death with another character. But this isn’t just a random combat. It’s personal. So, while you fight, you will also reveal the shared history of these two characters, discovering what led to this fatal conflict.

The game takes between 60-90 minutes to play, so it fits neatly into a boardgame timeslot.

I’d like to release in February or March, if possible, so I really need playtesters. Readthroughs might be helpful, but I’ll need people to play. So, understanding this, if you’d be interested in checking out the playtest version when it’s ready, leave a comment. I’ll send a PDF to that email address, when it’s ready.


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