A crazy coincidence

So, I’m sitting here, doing some work (Integration Services for SQL Server 2005, if you’re curious…oh, you weren’t) and listening to Leaderdogs for the Blind (aka Leaderdogs). My brother bought the Lemonade CD years ago, and we listened to it a lot. (So, um, yeah, this is the music of my teen years…)

My brother works at the same place I do, so I IM him and say, “I’m listening to Leaderdogs!” Because it seemed like the right thing to do.

He then tells me that Lyndon Perry (one of the creative forces behind the band) lives in Peoria. I do some digging, and he’s right. Turns out Lyndon Perry moved to Peoria after the Lemonade CD was released, and now he is a worship leader at RockChurch, which is just a few blocks from where I type.

It is a small world.

P.S. The MySpace page includes a player with music. If nothing else, listen to “Lemonade”. Um, and “Yellow and Black Attack”.


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