A quick shout out to Annalise

When I went to GenCon in 2007, I had a list of games that I wanted to get and play. Topping that list was Grey Ranks.

This year, Annalise topped that list.

I’ve been saying it in other venues, so I’ll say it here:

Annalise appears to be the vampire game that I thought I’d have to write.

You don’t play the vampire in Annalise; you play his victims. Each character is emotionally vulnerable in some way, and that attracts the vampire. To get an idea of the mood of the game, you can read Annalise’s journal online at the website:

Version with drawings (PDF)
Version with photographs (PDF)

Yeah, that kind of stuff works for me.

Now, why do I bring all this up? Because print versions of Annalise are quite scarce, but Nathan just made the PDF available for sale at his website.

So, if moody vampire horror sounds like your thing, you really should go check out Annalise.

And don’t be afraid of the dark.


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