Some good words about Dirty Secrets

Jesse Burneko discusses Dirty Secrets in a recent post:

Dirty Secrets is similar. That game is fueled almost entirely by the player’s opinions of the characters and their willingness to express them. The grid is less about generating a surprising random outcome and more about voting. Because the grid is used for all the crimes you’re voting for a given character to be guilty of something. It’s the height of being judgmental. The scary thing about Dirty Secrets is that the only thing you are given to form your *initial* opinion is demographics. That’s by design. But if you don’t put your feelings at the forefront of the application of the rules then the game falls flat.

Also, Berin Kinsman writes about playing Dirty Secrets at a recent con:

If you like crime novels, film noir, detective shows, mysteries, anything akin to those genres, buy this and check it out. It seems like it would be a good party game for mystery buffs who aren’t into roleplaying games and might be a good “gateway drug” to introduce your non-geek friends to roleplaying. It handles genre tropes in clever ways. Definitely a good touch. Nice job, Seth.

Thanks, guys!

One response to “Some good words about Dirty Secrets

  • Berin Kinsman

    I loved it. It was much better than Cats. I want to play it again and again.

    At some point when I’m financially flush again I’m going to buy it, read it, and give it a more solid review than the impressing of the con demo I posted about. And as I indicated in my post, I do see some clever campaign play potential in there.

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