Report on the addiction

A brief update on the resurgent addiction:

*There are now four regular players at work. One of them is my brother, which is pretty neat. Takes me back to when we were teens and spent a lot of time, playing Magic together.

*At least half the joy of Magic is in deck design. In some ways, it reminds me of Battle Bots or NASCAR racing, where a large chunk of the competition actually happens outside the arena, with ongoing design work and constant tweaking. You can’t really just sit down to play a game of Magic without having decided to embrace this metagame. But, I like deck design, so this is okay.

*The presence of a vigorous secondary market in Magic cards means that I don’t have to enter the booster-pack race to have an enjoyable game. I just bought 500 cards off eBay for approximately $23, and that will probably keep me in business for quite some time.

So, all said, I think that things are going well.


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