In the interests of science…

Well, science and my sons, really.

Somehow, Hulkmania has infiltrated my home. I guess I’m not really surprised, actually, and Isaac’s pictures of the various family members hulking out are actually impressive. And so they want to see a Hulk movie. Of course, this takes us straight into the realm of nerd rage, because of the two Hulk movies that are in existence: Ang Lee’s much-maligned Hulk and the newer The Incredible Hulk.

Last Saturday I watched Hulk, and I guess I’ll be watching The Incredible Hulk when it comes out on DVD later this month. At this point, I’d have no objection to my sons watching Hulk, although I’m guessing that they will probably not care for it. I mean, there were all those…talking parts. You know, the bits with the character development where we see children struggling with the obsessions of their fathers. The use of the Hulk as a metaphor for the inner rage of the abused child. The final confrontation which is less about the crazy special effects and more about the final resolution of a shattered childhood.

That’s pretty heady territory for a couple of boys who really just want to see something large and green punch through walls. I’m going to guess that The Incredible Hulk will be more their speed, assuming that it passes muster with me.

But for me, I’m going to have to be very impressed to give The Incredible Hulk a higher grade than Hulk. True, I’m not sure if Hulk succeeded in what it set out to do. For example, I think that the recent Batman movies (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) have managed to negotiate canon more adroitly while still managing to transcend their pulp/comic background. And yet, I have to give credit to Ang Lee and his team for taking a stab at it. Hulk may be a flawed film, but it was striving for greatness, and that’s something I can appreciate.

And, of course, there’s that TV series floating out there….

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