Experimenting again

Okay, how about this theme?


4 responses to “Experimenting again

  • Isaac

    The title is blocked by WordPress’s blue stripe across the screen. I vote for the last one.

  • Jeremy Beach

    I like the scheme that you have going on with this template, but I agree with Isaac, the title blockage is a detractor. If the title can get shifted down a little, I’d go with this template. I’d be tempted to go with it even without the title adjustment, however.

  • jon

    as a professional graphic designer, i figured i would lend my expertise by saying, “Yeah, what those guys said!”

  • Andrea


    it’s Andrea from ‘pacquola. org’, I’m the author of ‘Tomorrow’.
    Thank you for having chosen it as theme for your blog.

    You can solve the problem by changing the margin values of the header block as follows:

    div#header {
    height : 300px;
    text-align : center;
    margin : 60px 0px 20px 0px;

    If you have any questions about ‘Tomorrow’, feel free to ask.

    Take care,

    Andrea Pacquola

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