Abortion and politics

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. This is unacceptable, in precisely the same way that this was unacceptable. (Both links are probably NSFW for violence, BTW.) We look at lynchings as evidence of wickedness in our country, especially because the lynch mobs should have been forcibly stopped by the government. And, perhaps some were and perhaps some weren’t. But we all agree that the government should not condone such behavior. Such murder.

The same is true for abortion.

No, I’m not going to debate this in comments, so please don’t waste your time by trying.

Because, rather, I want to talk to the pro-life crowd for a moment.

What’s our goal? Are we content to settle for getting the government to acknowledge the citizenship of the unborn? Will that be enough to make us “go away”?

Or are we trying to save babies from being murdered? Because that’s a different goal.

Consider drug prohibition for a moment. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine have been illegal for years. Does that stop people from being able to buy them? I’ll bet that you could purchase any of these substances in any neighborhood in Peoria, be it the South Side, North Peoria, or anywhere in between. Certainly, there are folks who haven’t used these substances because they are illegal. But, somehow, this hasn’t stopped the drug trade from being a booming business.

Does anyone think that abortion will be different? Do anyone really think that babies weren’t being murdered before Roe v. Wade? Indeed, this is one of the arguments that pro-abortion people use against us. Making it illegal won’t make it go away.

Now, making abortion illegal is a noble goal. As I mentioned elsewhere, the fundamental duty of any government is to protect the lives of its citizens. As long as abortion is legal, our government is failing to do its duty before God. Getting our government to yield to God’s command in this area is a good thing.

But it is not the primary route to the goal of saving babies. We can do that right now by working to care for mothers who would otherwise kill their children. Knock down all the reasons, one by one, until the only one left is “I’m thinking more about myself than my baby.” In the end, that’s how we will save babies’ lives.

And there are those who are doing that right now, both individually and through organizations like crisis pregnancy centers. That is the front line of the battle against abortion. All this political stuff is merely a related battle. Important, yes, but not essential to saving babies’ lives.

I fear that the pro-life movement has bought the lie that the solution to all our problems is in the government. And so we are so focused on the political aspects of abortion that we forget that the true battle is fought one baby at a time, staring into the face of one woman at a time.

And it will cost us much more than political involvement.

It will cost us sleepless nights as we rush off to help a woman in trouble.

It will cost us the comfort of our home, as we welcome in the stranger, with her coarse words and uncouth manners.

It will cost us heartbreak, as one in whom we have invested so much still walks away to the slaughterhouse.

It is a battle, right? So, are we serious about fighting it where it really counts? Are we ready to pay the price?


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