[A Flower for Mara] So how do I go about demoing *this* game?

I’m posting this in various places, and I’m too lazy to edit. So this post might not make a whole lot of sense in the context of this blog. I’d apologize, but I’m not really sorry.

So, the new game that I’m releasing at GenCon is called A Flower for Mara.In this game, you take on the role of various relatives of Mara, a woman who died suddenly, and play through the first year after her death. I have various design notes here. In addition, this is a rough trailer that I’ve put together, and this is a sample of play from a test run back in January.

This game is in the tradition of Jeepform LARPing, which means that there’s lots of walking around and very little mechanical interaction within a scene. (Almost all the mechanics are dedicated to scene structuring.) It also has a Grief mechanic, which basically says that the only way for your character to overcome his grief is for you to share one of your own Griefs with the rest of the group. It’s all very powerful in play, and it works wonderfully…

…and I have no idea how to sell this thing at GenCon. I’m at the Forge booth, which is demo-focused, which is very cool and all. However, I’m not persuaded that a 15-minute demo would actually capture what is nifty about this game. Even worse, I’d be afraid that it would make the game look silly. “So, it’s time for a scene. Um, talk to each other for a while. Yeah, that’s good.”

The one idea that I have right now is to focus on a Family Gathering (as seen here and here). Essentially, the family gathers for a holiday of some sort, and the game cuts back and forth from the meal to soliloquies delivered by the characters to express their inner thoughts at the time. Working this inner/outer action could make for a workable demo….

So, anyways, I’m turning to the Internet for help and assistance. Thoughts?

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf


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