So, about those Twitter updates

So, back here, I described that I was going to begin experimenting with Twitter. Personally, I’ve found the experience fascinating. It’s even useful, as it let me stay in prayer for a family in our church while their aged mother passed away. But now I turn to you, my faithful readers. I’ve been putting the Twitter updates into my blog for about a month now. What do you think? Choose one of the following:

1) You used to write posts on this blog, you moron. Knock it off!

2) I find myself strangely attracted to the petty details of your life.

3) I could really care less what you do.

4) I’m going to send you $20.

Please respond in the comments!


6 responses to “So, about those Twitter updates

  • Andrew

    Well, I’ve watched the experiment, but I’m not sure that it enthralls me as much as the larger posts with stacks of content. Continue if you like, but I won’t click on them as often as the other posts.

  • jon

    I’m going to avoid answering your question altogether, and instead tell you why i find twitter handy: I’ve been using twitter for about a year now. With twitter, i initially used it as a mini-blog of sorts… where i tried to write about my life and what was going on. I quickly found that uninteresting for me and the people that read my posts, but i still liked the idea and wanted to keep at it. Twitter then essentially changed the way i write posts. It only gives you so many characters, which sometimes feels constraining, but soon becomes freeing. It allows you to say what you need to say without grinding out every heavy detail- it’s a real time saver! i’ve started to boil several of my experiences into small bites to be used in the following ways.
    1. I know who reads my twitter, generally. So, i focus events of my life in a brief description i know they will understand. i don’t need to say much. (i.e. I might twitter: I put a bid on a house) If they’re curious, they’ll ask me personally. It’s kinda like saying “Call me if you wanna know about this.”
    2. I use twitter as a notebook for the mind. If i have an interesting thought or found an interesting webpage, i twitter it and sometimes click it as a favorite to find it quickly later
    3. My other friends who twitter are pretty religious about it. So, twitter becomes a faster, less formal email for me. I post my thoughts on there, and i know as soon as they’re on a computer, they’ll get back to me with their thoughts.

    It’s just my opinion, but i find twitter far more handy for these uses than i do trying to blog the details of my life for people’s interests (or apparent lack thereof). Maybe if i Kim started reading my posts, i’d include more minutia, because i know she’d appreciate it, but she’s not very tech-savvy.

  • Creathinator

    (1) 🙂

  • Adiel

    I like number 1. Yeah, that’s sounds about right. 🙂 So far I like Twitter because I’m currently only following a few people and they are my family members so I actually care about what they’re doing. I wasn’t too sure about Twitter at first, but now I’m really enjoying being able to see what my sibling are doing throughout the day and what’s going through their minds. (Except when they post something cryptic and then won’t explain themselves.) 😉

    But I don’t think it makes sense to post the updates on your blog the day after, though.

    Now Facebook is another matter for me. I’m still trying to figure out what its use is.

  • Gabrielle

    I personally think Twitter is cool, but your life is lame. 🙂 I guess that’s either 1 or 3.

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