Twitter Updates for 2008-04-15

  • Preparing to celebrate Crystal’s birthday. #
  • You know, as I get more rest and get further from the incident, getting lost in Chicago becomes funnier. #
  • Did you know that I got lost in Chicago after last year’s Forge Midwest? It’s starting to become a tradition. #
  • @TheBrand Yeah, Gone Baby Gone was a stunningly good movie. #
  • @TheBrand To add insult to injury, *I shouldn’t have been anywhere near Chicago*. I-39 and I-90 are the same road…for a while. Oops. #
  • Having an IM conversation with my daughter. She’s starting to enter that phase where she’s less and less of a child. It’s an odd experience. #
  • @Linnaeus I saw! I’ll reply later. Jesse already has a good reply on S-G. Thanks muchly. #
  • There’s some quality Dirty Secrets writing going on today. See my previous tweet for details. #

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