I feel like I should write something

I feel like I should write something. You know, beyond Twitter updates. But, right now, I don’t really have a lot of time, since I’m doing stuff to get ready to go to Forge Midwest. So, I’ll just leave you with this brief thought:

My brief exposure to Facebook and Twitter has made me consider what it will be like in the new earth, when space is no longer a separation. No, I don’t know exactly what that will mean. I do know that Jesus could simply be wherever He wanted to be, and I believe that His resurrected body is the same as ours will be. And, for now, I can scan through an infosphere of tweets and status messages and have a sense how many of my friends are doing, even though we are divided in space.

Josh Gibbs once made the case that the proliferation of communications technologies is the result of the Spirit’s entering the world, binding together what was divided. I think that he may have a point.


4 responses to “I feel like I should write something

  • jon

    interesting thoughts, but i think the idea (outside of a perfect world) falls short. Studies have found that people on the whole are much more lonely, and feel much more isolated because of cyberspace. People need live human interaction. An email, text message or cell-phone call aren’t cutting it. I’d be interested in seeing how something like facebook would work in the new world? maybe teleportation?? But then again, isn’t the journey part of the joy of seeing people? i dunno.. just some thoughts…

  • Billy Dennis

    Reminds me of the phrase “The God in the Machine.”

  • Billy Dennis

    Also … my use of Twitter runs hot and cold. I tried posting daily Twitter summaries, but my readers sqawked.

  • Seth Ben-Ezra


    Oh, I totally agree. It’s hard to establish relationships without that face-to-face connection. I just got back from Forge Midwest, a small gaming con. Part of the point of that con is, quite honestly, that face-to-face contact that the Internet just can’t provide.

    At the same time, things like Facebook and Twitter can sit alongside these relationships, supporting them in ways that were not available to us in the past. That’s more of what I’m talking about.

    And teleportation would be teh awesome.

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