The Wii and the Goodness of God

So, the big news at the Ben-Ezra house is that we acquired a Nintendo Wii. This is a really clever game console with a really nifty interface. In general, you just move the controller around. I have the game with tennis that they briefly show in the linked video. You really do just play like that. With the different games that I’ve played, I’ve discovered that there’s a bit of a learning curve to the controls, but once you get the hang of the control scheme, it’s quite intuitive. For example, we just got Worms: A Space Oddity. You actually throw your grenades by swinging the controller. Nuff said. It’s really cool.

And all of this made me consider the goodness of God. Getting a Wii isn’t a necessity. It’s definitely above and beyond just food and shelter. Yet, He gave it to us, because He loves us and He delights in our delight. Really, this thing has made me geek out in so many ways….

I think of what it’s like when I give my children a gift. They squeal and jump up and down and run off to play with it. And I sit there and smile, watching them.

I think that’s what God is doing right now.


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