It’s raining

I don’t feel well. I woke up Sunday with a head cold and a sore throat. And now I’m dragging. Sick enough to be drained, but not really sick enough to close up shop. I really wanted to work on A Flower for Mara, but I didn’t have the mental acuity for it.

Instead, I’m listening to the rain.

It was 60 degrees here today. Crazy, huh? Felt like a breath of spring. Tomorrow it will be gone, but for now, I’ll listen to the spring rain in January.


One response to “It’s raining

  • Adiel

    It reached 67 degrees here yesterday. After such a respite from the gray blah I feel like I can now survive the next five months of winter that we have left. We didn’t have rain, but the warm air blew life into me. Isn’t our God good that way?

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