New Dirty Secrets supplement!

(Heh. I had fun with that title.)

No, I haven’t published anything new, but now that I’ve drawn you in with false advertising, I do have a helpful hint for playing Dirty Secrets.

When you’re playing Dirty Secrets, be sure to have a copy of your local phone book with you at the table. This is helpful for a couple of reasons.

First, if you’re stuck for a name, just flip open the phone book and grab a name. Not only is the phone book a massive list of names, it’s a list of names that comes from your locale. You can’t get much more true to your area than using names that are actually from your area. As a bonus, you’ll get an address to go with the name, which you can use, if you want.

The second reason is similar. If you’re needing a particular type of business, then just hit the Yellow Pages. I actually did this in a recent game of mine. We needed a high-class lawyer, so we consulted the phone book. In our case, we were pretty sure that we knew the one that we wanted, but we checked the phone book to get the correct name.

Other useful resources in a phone book include maps of the area, bus routes, government offices, and pizza coupons for in-game refreshments. It really is the best supplement to Dirty Secrets that you could own. And it’s free!

Thanks to Jason Corley for pointing this out.


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