[Bliss Stage] We wrap Bliss Stage–A Change at the Top

…incoming transmission …
… Peoria Resistance Group…

Bliss Stage makes me think of this.

I love the design of the Ignition Stage book. It’s small, white, and friendly to hold. I’m conflicted on the lack of title on the front of the book, but I don’t really care that much. It’s an elegant object.

So, imagine my distress when I discovered that a drop of coffee had somehow worked its way through the top of my satchel and left a brown spot right in the middle of the front of the book. Argh!I guess that I’ll just call it battle damage. So now, my Bliss Stage book has one point of Trauma. I wonder how a book gets Trauma relief?

Last night, we finished our Bliss Stage campaign. It was good and bad and difficult and thought-provoking, and everyone got what they wanted, except maybe me, but that’s probably a good thing, and anyways I learned about myself because I didn’t get what I wanted, so that’s good, too.

So suit up, strap in, and prepare for launch!

Pods of Darkness

I wanted to keep the pressure on, so I started us with a briefing action. Jared summons Marcus and tells him to go track down those alien growth pods and destroy them. Jared is really not doing well at this point. He is tired and strung out, and he is slowly losing control of everything. But Marcus goes anyways.

Mission Brief
…begin briefing…

Pods of Darkness
Locate alien growth pods (must be done first)
If failed, remaining goals fail
Establish psychic shield
This is a secret goal
Destroy alien growth pods
If succeeded and no psychic shield, one character is harmed.
Destroy alien growth pods
If succeeded and no psychic shield, one character is harmed.
Evade alien patrol
If failed, wild card goal. Pilot must improvise something.
This is a secret goal
…end briefing…

The mission was largely uneventful, except for the moment where Marcus was lost to anchor contact while trying to hack together a psychic shield out of his power mace. I did invoke Panic during his attempt to evade the alien patrol, which finally worked out for me. In the past, when I’ve invoked Panic, the player has rolled minimal neutral results, which means that Panic has actually helped out the player. This time, not so much. But still, Marcus burst from hiding and flattened the alien attacker.

By the end of the mission, Marcus was only a couple points away from Blissing out.

A Change at the Top

After the mission, Marcus went looking for Jared to express some concerns with how things were being run. He’s feeling like the group is taking too many risks. Instead, Jared completely comes apart on him, sobbing that it’s all too hard. Marcus tries to encourage him, but Jared just walks off. Marcus sighs and slumps into Jared’s chair. Trauma Relief.

Yeah, we’re not always subtle with our symbolism.

So, when Jude came in to find Jared, he found Marcus instead. Jude and Marcus talk about the future. Jude and Leah want to leave. They don’t think that the city is a good place to try to raise a family. Instead, they want to find a safer place to be. Maybe raise horses. At first, Marcus isn’t really sure if it’s a good idea, but eventually he tells Jude that it’s his decision. “It’s your family, not mine.” Jude leaves, but Jared overheard it all. Trust Breaking with Jared, but Trust Building with Jude.

That broke Marcus’s relationship with Jared, forcing him to Bliss Out.

So, Gabrielle narrated the resolution action with Marcus. Jared comes storming back into the room and accuses Marcus of usurping his position and stuff like that. Marcus finally confronts Jared about how he is being a bad leader. Instead of listening, Jared cusses out Marcus and dashes from the room.

Marcus became the new authority figure. So Gabrielle became the new GM, and she was able to resolve our Hope.

Yes, we can establish a stable community…somewhere else.

So Marcus grabbed Jude and said, “Let’s have a group meeting to discuss leaving. Round up everyone.”

And Jude said, “Yes, sir” and did it.


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