[Bliss Stage] Jude gets better, plus alien tentacles!–Alien Fury and Wedding Bells

…signal restored…

Since we played again last night, I’m going to add last night’s engagement to this report.

Alien Fury

We’re getting closer to endgame, and I decided that the time had come to ramp up the pressure. So we went straight into a briefing action. The aliens were retaliating for the previous raid. Marcus and Jude were each deployed to separate approaches to the base to fend off their assault.

Mission Brief
…begin briefing…

Alien Fury
Protect non-combatants
Prevent damage to base
Defeat enemy pilot
Must be accomplished last
If any are failed, one non-pilot character is killed (GM’s choice)
…end briefing…

Marcus managed to do his part, despite some horrific dice rolling by Gabrielle. Jude’s battle was more gripping. We had decided that, in the dream world, alien remotes look like important adult characters in the person’s life. I bent this a little and made the remote opposing Jude look like Rachel. He waded into combat with it, first body-checking the remote and then blowing its head off. Just in case you missed it, the body-checking is all about Jude’s relationship with Leah.

But both pilots are starting to wear out. At the end of this mission, each pilot was between 85-90 Bliss. The game is beginning to wrap up.

Wedding bells

Jude came out of the mission and immediately went to Leah and said, “Do you want to get married?” It took her a while to realize that he was proposing to her. But then she said yes. They hug! Even though he hadn’t cleaned the crèche goo off. I called this Stress Relief. I suppose I could have said Intimacy Building, but it seemed better this way.

Meantime, Marcus is just babbling at Beth, exulting in the post-mission rush. Trauma Relief.

Then Gabrielle proposed an interlude. Jude and Leah are over at Marcus and Beth’s apartment. Jude decides that he wants to get married right then. Leah is surprised but agrees. So they all troop down to Jared’s office and say that they want to get married.

From one perspective, it was an awkward wedding. Jared tried to read the bit from the Book of Common Prayer, but the water damage made it hard to read. Finally he pointed at Jude and asked, “You want to get married to her? Forever? You promise to put up with each other, no matter what?” Then he pointed at Leah and asked the same questions. When they said yes, he said, “Good. Um, by the power vested in me by the city of Peoria and the Peoria Resistance Group, I now pronounce you man and wife. Go to it.” Or something like that.

Jude and Leah didn’t kiss very well. They were too embarrassed. Finally, Kay pulled out a kazoo and played the Trumpet Voluntaire.

The players were all happy. Yay! They finally got married! But I had something in my hip pocket. So, when Crystal said, “And Eve had confetti ready!”, I said, “No, Eve isn’t there.” But we kept up the party, until later that night.

…re-establishing contact…


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