[Bliss Stage] Love and violence in Peoria–Business and Matchmaking

…tracking signal…
…re-establishing link…


… help … Marcus off…at her and fainted. Trauma-Relief.

Jude takes care of business

In the meantime, Jude was taking care of business. He broke into Joseph’s apartment and waited for him with a baseball bat. When Joseph came in, Jude hit him with the bat, giving him a nasty bump on the head. Then Jude took away Joseph’s knife and told him to leave him alone. Joseph wasn’t happy, but Gloria intervened, telling Jude to leave. He was polite to her and left without further incident. We called this Intimacy-Building, but Joseph’s Trust was broken. Joseph wasn’t harmed. This is in part because the rules don’t allow for it, but also because Jude wasn’t trying to hurt Joseph. He just wanted to make a point.

Because of the Trust-breaking, we got a follow-up action to demonstrate the effect of the breaking. So Crystal said that Jude went into one of the tunnels where no one else goes and cried. No one likes him, and he is so very alone.

Matchmaking in the world of Bliss Stage

Jude ends up at the apartment where Marcus and Beth live. He is sitting in there, talking with Beth, when Jared and Leah haul Marcus in. Jared’s eyes meet Jude’s across the room, and Jared shakes his head in disgust. The message is clear. “If you had gone, this wouldn’t have happened.” The result of this interlude was Stress Relief.

We then had several interludes in short succession. First, we had an absolutely delightful conversation between Jude and Leah. Both of them were very awkward, and so we had one of those fitful “start-and-stop” conversations that happens between two people who really like each other but are too embarrassed to admit it. It was painful and wonderful all that the same time.

In the other room, Beth informed Marcus that she was pregnant. He was very happy to hear this, although Gabrielle reported later that his initial response was actually panic. More on this later.

Then Marcus and Jude had a little chat about women. Marcus is only 17, but, compared to Jude, he’s an older, wiser guy. So Marcus was explaining how to treat Leah, and Jude was hinting around his relationship with Rachel.

Then the alarms went off. Alien attack!


There were …to be far too …happy interludes…..

…re-establishing communication…


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