[Land of 1000 Kings] My children visit the Land of 1000 Kings–A Return Visit

A Return Visit

As soon as we finished, the children started begging me to take them back to the Land of 1000 Kings. So, the next day, we decided to take another short trip.

This time, after a little more memory sharing, we jumped right in. We didn’t have a lot of time to work with, and I wanted to make sure that we could finish in a timely manner.

Isaac wanted to quest after the helmet. Arianna wanted to return to the fairies. Samuel wanted to go to a castle full of dragons. I wanted to scramble their expectations a bit.

See, I didn’t want them to think that everything in the game would be an easy pushover. I also wanted to encourage them to broaden their horizons. So nothing went quite right as they entered the Land this time. Arianna and Isaac ended up back in the Castle Realm. Samuel used a different entrance and found himself on top of a mountain, exploring the cavern of the Dragon King.

Samuel and Arianna were both disappointed about their locations, but I pointed out their fateright, that something would happen, regardless of where they went. Plus, if they want to go somewhere, then they should just go there!

In the meantime, Isaac heard a rumor about a Black Knight with a helmet that shoots lightning from its eyes. He was going to quest after it, but then Arianna decided to explore the castle. That seemed like a good idea to Isaac, so they went together.

It was neat to see Isaac embrace the game this time around. He was much more receptive this session. In part, I think that it’s because he understood how the game worked and was more comfortable with what he was doing.

It was during these segments that the children first faced defeat. Arianna wanted to explore the dungeon to find out if there were any fairies down there. When they tried to talk their way past the guards, it went poorly. The Castle King became angry with them and locked them in a cell in the dungeon.

At the same time, Samuel was discovering that the Castle King and the Dragon King have been feuding for some time now. The Dragon King hates the Castle King, because the Castle King keeps sending knights out to kill the dragons. So when Samuel turns to leave to go to the castle of the Castle King, the Dragon King tries to stop him. Initially Samuel defeated the Dragon King, but then he was cursed by the dragon’s hoard that he discovered. Then, he took chutzpah to a new level by going back to the Dragon King to ask for a ride to the castle. The Dragon King took to this request…poorly…and captured Samuel, dragging him off to the secret meeting place of the dragons.

Back to the castle. Isaac and Arianna were rescued by Reginald, the King of Rats, who took them back to his home in the walls of the dungeon. Reginald appealed to them, saying that the Castle King kills his people. Instead, Reginald wants to lead them away to another land. Arianna described what it means to be a pet, and Reginald said that lying around all day, being fed by someone else, sounded like an ideal existence. So, Reginald showed them to a doorway out of the Land, and they promised to help him upon their return.

Meanwhile, Samuel managed to escape from the dragons and arrive at the castle, prepared to rescue his brother and sister. Sadly, he was overwhelmed and captured. The Castle King was angry with him and ordered him to be locked in the dungeon. But, as the guards dragged him away, he made a sudden departure from the Land.

Just in time for supper.


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