[Bliss Stage] Dawn Patrol

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…tracking signal…
…re-establishing link…


…fumbled…settled…placate Beth…would stay up…that night…Stress Relief.

Dawn Patrol

Marcus did his best. But, early the next day, Jared knocked on the door. Someone needed to do a perimeter sweep, and Jude had gone missing. Marcus tried to avoid waking up Beth, but she got up herself and insisted on anchoring for the mission. So they left the baby with Kay and went to the ANIMa crèche to launch.

Mission Brief
…begin briefing…

Dawn Patrol
Secure base perimeter
Scout out local region
If failed, prevent alien pilot from escaping
…end briefing…

This mission didn’t go quite as smoothly as the first. Maybe she was tired, but Beth wasn’t doing as good a job of keeping control of the dream. A nasty rain of steel droplets started falling from the sky, and Beth’s communications with Marcus were uneven and static-filled.

After fulfilling the second mission objective, Marcus discovered a large pulsating alien hive atop the ridge line overlooking the base. So he hotshotted a goal: Destroy alien hive. Thankfully, this succeeded, although I managed to squick out my players with my description of alien goo flying everywhere, including onto the ANIMa, where it started melting pieces of equipment and such, thus justifying some of the battle damage.

…re-establishing communication…


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