Local politics

I recently figured out that, from one perspective, Dirty Secrets is about local politics.


3 responses to “Local politics

  • Gerald Cameron

    Well, it’s certainly one way into it, and it is probably true if you take a wide enough definition of politics, but I think there are plenty of stories you can tell that only touch on politics obliquely.

    Murder is a highly personal thing, and personal relationships, even among the powerful and the wealthy, don’t always touch on politics.

    It certainly does have a strong bias toward that sort of story, though.

  • Seth Ben-Ezra

    Hey, Gerald! Thanks for commenting!

    I should probably clarify my post. I’m not saying that Dirty Secrets stories are necessarily about local politics. All those things that you say are true, and I think that the game itself is more focused on what you’re talking about. Rather, I mean that my designing the game is (partly) about local politics.

    I’ve said to several people that designing Dirty Secrets has been important to me, because I mean it. Maybe that’s a bit Zen, but I posted this thought as a partial attempt to clarify what I mean when I say that I “mean” Dirty Secrets.

  • Gerald Cameron

    Ah, okay. I understand what you are talking about now.

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